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How-To Layer Your Skincare Products

Don't waste your product! You want to make sure you are getting the most out of your skincare. Layering products in the wrong order can affect how the products will absorb into your skin.

The golden rule for layering skincare is to layer thinnest consistency to thickest consistency.

You should also layer your skincare on damp skin. Damp skin will help your serums absorb into the skin.

For your morning skincare routine here is the general order to apply your product:

  1. Cleanser

  2. Toner

  3. Serums

  4. Moisturizer

  5. Sunscreen

For your evening skincare routine, apply your products in this order:

  1. Cleanser

  2. Toner

  3. Serums

  4. Treatments

  5. Eye Cream

  6. Moisturizer

You may have more products in your routine if you are treating any specific skin conditions. If you have questions about skincare products or need recommendations for your specific skin conditions, I would love to have you come in for a skin analysis. Book a skin consultation today!

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